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Support Services

Support Services

Careers Counselling

TAFE Counsellors provide a free and confidential service to current or prospective students.

For prospective students, counsellors can provide:

  1. Exploration of career and study options;
  2. Assistance with course selection;
  3. Advice regarding TAFE enrolment and procedures;
  4. Information about support available for students at TAFE.

Enrolled students receive advice and support from TAFE Counsellors in three broad areas:

  • Vocational counselling includes comprehensive career guidance; exploration of further study pathways; resume writing, interview techniques and other job seeking skills.
  • Educational counselling includes assessing learning difficulties and developing intervention strategies and study skills to maximise educational outcomes.
  • Personal counselling includes support for issues that may be interfering with studies at TAFE. Some examples are relationship difficulties, depression, low self-esteem,

Counsellors can provide assistance through:

For Career Advisors, TAFE counsellors can also:

  • Be a point of reference about course related information and requirements;
  • Provide advice regarding alternate schooling options;
  • Visit schools to give group talks about TAFE and post school options / career planning;
  • Participate in school career education workshops and career days;
  • Attend Career expos and other community related events to represent TAFE programs.

TAFE counsellors can also work with School Career Advisors and other staff to assist with:

  • Transition from school to post secondary study;
  • Management plans to provide support with students with particular needs;
  • Developing a program for disengaged and socially disadvantaged students.

Visit our Support Services area for details of additional services offered to our students.