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Assessment - Frequently asked questions

Whether the assessment is a test, an assignment, a practical exercise, a workplace activity or some other form of assessment, it is essential that the work you are assessed on is your own. However, it is often helpful to discuss your work and your ideas with other people while you are studying. Where you are working on a joint assessment task, your teacher will explain how your own contribution will be assessed.

Are there penalties if I cheat?

Yes there are. All students should be aware that penalties will be imposed for students found to be cheating in an assessment. Cheating can take different forms. For example, it may be copying or using the work, writing, drawings or photographs created by other people and passing them off as your own. It is always best to make it clear if you are quoting or using other people’s work.

How much notice will I receive about assessment tasks?

There will be a range of assessment tasks that you will undertake during the course of your study. Your teacher will give you adequate notice of the assessment event, usually two weeks in a full semester module or equivalent proportion of a shorter or longer module. If you are unsure always ask your teacher.

What can I take into an examination?

No materials, other than examination papers, answer booklets and authorised aids, will be allowed on desks during the course of the examination. Bottles of water are acceptable but no other food or drink is permissible. All cases, bags, mobile phones, personal belongings and other unauthorised material must be placed at the front of the room.

Will my results be reviewed before I receive them?

Your results will be checked before you receive your Transcript of Academic Record. You can also request a review of your results if you have a valid reason. If you have questions about any results you receive you should discuss your concerns with your teacher as soon as possible.

How will my results be reported?

Your Transcript of Academic Record lists all your results in your course to date. Some modules are graded. When you have successfully finished these you will receive a result of Distinction, Credit or Pass. Some modules are ungraded. On successfully finishing these you will receive a result of Pass (ungraded).

Some courses in TAFE NSW are based on training packages. These training packages are developed by industry and state the skills and knowledge the industry expects of its employees. These skills and knowledge are stated in the form of units of competence. If you have achieved one or more units of competence, you will receive a Statement of Competencies Achieved as well as the Transcript of Academic Record. If you have any questions about units of competence, modules or training packages, see your teacher.

What happens if I fail or withdraw from a module more than once?

If you have failed or withdrawn from a particular module more than once within a three year period and you wish to re-enrol in that module, you will need to submit a request in writing setting out the reasons as to why you should be permitted to do so.

I am from a non-English speaking background. Can I use a bilingual dictionary in assessment tasks?

In most modules you will be able to use a bilingual dictionary. Your dictionary must not contain any notes or additional information. See your teacher for details.

What happens if I miss a class test or exam or I’m late with an assessment task?

You should contact your teacher immediately and explain the reason, giving evidence, for example a medical certificate. Depending on the circumstances your teacher may allow you to sit for the test at another date or accept your assessment task. If the reason is not considered acceptable, marks may be deducted or you may not receive a result for that assessment.

What happens if I miss a final exam?

Examinations are different from class tests in that they are the whole of TAFE and every TAFE student enrolled in the module does the exam at the same time. If you know that you will not be able to sit an exam, see your teacher as soon as possible and not later than 14 days after the examination. If your reasons are acceptable you may be able to sit for the exam at the next scheduled examination period. Many modules do not have TAFE statewide exams – just class tests and assignments. Check with your teacher and the Student Assessment Guides for each module you are studying.

Will I be assessed in the workplace?

In some courses and modules, you may be assessed in the workplace, or your workplace supervisor may be asked to provide a report about your workplace activities.

Will I be assessed on-line?

If all or some of your course is provided on-line, all or some of your assessment may occur on-line

What do I do if I have a disability?

If you are a student with a disability it is important for you to make contact with the Disabilities Teacher Consultant for your college. If possible, this should happen before you enrol. They will provide you with information about the range of modules available. Teachers and teacher consultants will arrange for students with a disability to be afforded reasonable adjustment in assessment on an individual needs basis.

The commencement of any class in TAFE is always subject to availability of resources and sufficient number of students enrolling. Classes may be discontinued if attendance numbers fall below a set minimum.

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