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Your teacher will give you a written outline of the course, information about how your work will be assessed and any special requirements. It is in your interest to read this information before your classes commence. You will need to complete all course requirements to gain a satisfactory result.

The following information has been produced as a generic guide about assessment by the NSW Department of Education and Communities.

Information in this guide can also be downloaded from the TAFE NSW Website.

Every Student's Guide to Assessment in TAFE NSW

Please Note: If you would like to repeat a unit of competency or resit an assessment you should discuss this with your head teacher as soon as possible. For more information please see Repeat unit or assessment fee.

Your college will provide you with student assessment information in the form of a Student Assessment Guide for your course and a Student Assessment Guide for the modules you are studying. Guides are provided at the start of your study and provide assessment information for your course as a whole and for each module. Your teacher will provide additional information on how you will be assessed, what you will be assessed on and when you will be assessed.

As a student it is your responsibility to read the information contained within the Guides and to ensure that you understand the information in them. If you don’t understand or are unsure about what is required please see your teacher. Your teacher will explain the content of the Guides and ask for your signature to indicate that you have received the documents.

Remember your teacher is your most important contact for information on assessment!

Contact by Training Services NSW
If your course has been funded by Training Services NSW under Smart and Skilled, you may be contacted by a Training Services NSW representative to discuss your experience at Western Sydney Institute.