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Support Services

Online Study Support

Study Skills

Visit the Study Skills website were you’ll find lots of practical tips on different aspects of studying like planning, setting goals, and strategies for learning new skills, new knowledge. Learn skills and habits that go a long way to helping you do well in your studies.

Study Skills: read more

WSI Online

WSI Online is the online learning system used by WSI teachers to make learning resources available over the internet to their students.

WSI Online: read more


SkillsLocker is a free web based mobile app for enrolled TAFE NSW students to upload evidence for recognition and assessment

Evidence can be collected anywhere, anytime, using a smartphone, tablet device or computer.

This evidence can be verified by a supervisor, if required, within the app with signature capture available. It contains a messaging feature for students and their teachers while the RPL/Assessment process is in progress.

For more information, watch this Getting started with SkillsLocker video, then visit SkillsLocker.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing system that allows teachers to communicate directly with students by delivering a tutorial, holding a meeting, having a chat or even using a whiteboard to demonstrate online.

Before attending an Adobe Connect meeting it’s a good idea to run the Adobe Connect Connection Test.(

To access Adobe Connect log in with your TAFE username followed by and your normal password, or you can access a room as a guest using your full name.

If your teacher is using Adobe Connect, they will provide you with the correct link.

Free 24/7 access to for all enrolled students is an online library featuring course and instructional videos. The videos are taught by recognised industry experts and cover the latest in technology, creative, and business skills.

Access under the My Learning area in the Student Portal.

Visit the Lynda LibGuide for more information. If you need any help, please talk to your teacher, local librarian or the customer service team.