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Future Students

Auditions and Interviews

Most courses require an audition (A) or attendance at an information and selection session (I). You will be contacted by WSI Entertainment staff to notify you of an audition/interview time.

Here's what's required in auditions and interviews:

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Music Audition Hints

To maximise your chances of success in music auditions for WSI Entertainment courses, we recommend you take a few friendly hints:

  • DO NOT come in and play Death Metal, Black Metal and Thrash Metal as three different genres! - The music courses at WSI Entertainment are most suited to students with a wide range of tastes and influences; so when we ask for three contrasting songs/pieces we mean three songs significantly different to each other - playing three songs from related sub-genres is not recommended.
  • We encourage original music but DO perform at least one cover version.
  • DO NOT sing a capella – have a backing disk or an accompanist. Similarly it's better to have accompaniment if you are going to play solos; they are harder to assess out of context.
  • Drummers should consider bringing along some audio material to play along to.
  • Have no more than one live accompanist - It’s easier to check out your playing/singing if there’s not a whole band there.
  • If playing an instrument, please ensure that it is a quality instrument that has been reliably set-up and tuned.
  • DO Learn your songs/pieces thoroughly – no lyric prompt sheets or chord charts. (We may make an exception for very complex pieces).
  • If you like to play more than one instrument, please let the audition staff know. DO demonstrate your second/third instrument in your audition.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What marks do I need to get into Nirimba?
  • What is the minimum/maximum duration of the 3 pieces required for the contemporary performance audition?
  • Are instrumentists allowed any backing track/audio material when performing the 3 pieces for the audition of the contemporary performance course?
  • Could you please advise how to tour facilities at Nirimba?
  • If contemporary performance is not my first preference and I pass the audition, will I have to audition again if I choose to do the course later on?
  • Does Nirimba guarantee jobs in the music industry?

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International Students

WSI Entertainment at Nirimba College is a popular destination for international students.

TAFE courses are designed by industry professionals, ensuring that graduates are well equipped to meet the demands of today’s workplace. We are supported and regulated by the Australian Government, offering you security and the highest quality study environment. Graduates will gain an internationally recognised TAFE qualification. All of our courses are open to international students.

For further information or to apply, contact:

Jason Ford
International Student Manager
Sydney West International Education

CRICOS Provider Name TAFE NSW - Technical and Further Education Commission

CRICOS Provider Code: 00591E

Contact by Training Services NSW
If your course has been funded by Training Services NSW under Smart and Skilled, you may be contacted by a Training Services NSW representative to discuss your experience at Western Sydney Institute.