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Advanced Diploma of Music (CUA60515)


Live Performance

In Advanced Diploma the emphasis in performance is on learning multiple repertoire and creating a variety of shows that could be pitched to venues. Once the concepts have been established students are responsible for song selection, running order, stage clothing, stage props, promotional material and projected vision. These shows are then performed multiple times during the semester at a variety of venues.

Studio Performance

Working with our Diploma of Sound production students, students will create recordings to support the shows created in performance class.

Vocal or Instrumental Studies

Each student will attend a class a week on their chosen instrument or voice. In small workshops, students will get the benefit of experienced performers to work on the technical aspects of their craft. As well as being assessed on their technical work, students will perform solo at our weekly Tuesday workshop as well performing group improvisations.

Composition, Arrangement and Production

Building on the composing and arranging skills covered in Diploma, students create a series of compositions and arrangements that display a variety of techniques and approaches to creative work. This included writing for strings, production music and music for screen.

Students will also take the role of Producer for another band at WSI Entertainment and artistically directed a song from Pre-Production through the recording process then onto post production and mixing

Music Theory

Music theory classes in Advanced Diploma concentrates on in-depth music analysis and score reading.

Provide Tuition

Private teaching is, and has always been, an important part of a musicians income. This unit goes through all the steps needed to create and implement lesson plans for teaching and instrument or voice to individual or small groups.

Online Electives

For those students who want a more music business slant to their Advanced Diploma of Music, WSI Entertainment offers a variety of online electives. These cover areas such as Freelance Services, Artist Management, Writing for the Music Industry, Music Genre exploration, Securing funding, Artist and Repertoire and many more.

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