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Diploma of Music Industry - Performance (CUA50815)


Live Performance

WSI Entertainment takes an industry based approach to live performance. Weekly rehearsals lead to a series of performances at our on campus venue as well as various venues across Western Sydney. Students will guided by the experienced performance teachers through everything they need to know to put on the best possible show. This includes rehearsal technique, timing and pitching, song selection, set lists, creating original music, reinventing covers versions, using technology in performance, guitar and bass sounds, dealing with nerves and performing confidently with convincing stagecraft.

Not only that, students will the cover all the technical and logistic aspects of performing live, such as stage plans, stage set up, soundcheck and working with sound and lighting.

Studio Performance

In the second half of Diploma, students will gain valuable hands-on experience performing in our fully equipped recording studio. Working with our Diploma of Sound production students, each band will record a song over an 8 hour session up to four times a semester.

Vocal or Instrumental Studies

Each student will attend a class a week on their chosen instrument or voice. In small workshops, students will get the benefit of experienced performers to work on the technical aspects of their craft. As well as being assessed on their technical work, students will perform solo at our weekly Tuesday workshop. This gives students a different performance experience to working in a band.

Music Technology and Composition

This is an important part of being a modern musician. In the first half of Diploma, students will work with Logic Pro X then move onto Pro Tools for the second half of Diploma. Our Digital Audio Lab also features Native Instruments and Waves plug-ins, Students will learn how to make the most of these industry standard software packages for both the composition and arranging of music, with an emphasis on collaboration. There is also an option to pursue live electronic music performance with Ableton Live software and Push hardware.

Music Theory and Chart Reading

Music theory is taught in two ways. Aural classes concentrate on ear training, where students learn to recognise and notate intervals, chords, melodies and rhythms. Notation classes concentrate on scales, chord theory, key signatures and the basics of creating scores, using Sibelius music software as well as pencils and manuscript paper.

To help take this theoretical knowledge and give it a practical application, students have a class where they are taught to read simple scores of new material in a band setting.

Music Business

These online units give students an insight into copyright, career planning and goal setting in the music industry. Do these at your own pace in your own time through the WSI Online platform.

Online Electives

For those students who want a more music business slant to their Diploma of Music, WSI Entertainment offers a variety of online electives. These cover areas such as Freelance Services, Artist Management, Writing for the Music Industry, Music Genre exploration and many more.

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