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Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production) (CUA50815)


Recording Practical

Understanding recording technology is essential to making great recordings and using the wide range of production technology effectively makes a great product. Each student will record a range of songs using a variety of instruments and sound sources. Each of the courses has recording sessions and production students engineer and co-produce alongside out contemporary music students to record their compositions. We also record our weekly live performances in to ProTools and production students gain valuable experience in making music recordings in venues.


This is an important part of being a modern musician. Students will work with Ableton and Logic Pro X in our Digital Audio Lab and develop techniques for creating music using software. Although many of the people undertaking our courses are musicians or composers you don’t need to be able to read music to succeed in production. During these workshop style sessions skills are developed in creating compositions using a range of sources.

Audio Theory

Production professionals are required to use a range of audio equipment. This course has weekly theory classes overviewing each major type of audio device, the common controls they feature and insider tips on how to use each item. Microphones, mixing consoles, equalisers, compressors, loudspeakers, effects, decibel & sound theory are all covered and more… understanding your production technology is essential to use it effectively.

Music Mixing and Editing

We use ProTools mixing and editing software. This industry leading package is used for sound recording, editing, processing and mixing worldwide. As students work through a number of real-world production tasks skills and knowledge is gained in using the software to capture, edit, process and mix audio. Workshop style work sessions feature experienced ProTools mentors to help you build your knowledge and skills.

Music Industry Management & WHS

We cover safe work practices as they relate to the entertainment industry workplace. Understanding how business works is important as many people own and operate small business. During the course each student undertakes a range of production projects. This course introduces project planning and management in a practical context. The fundamentals of copyright are investigated as well. This is all essential knowledge for the next generation of engineers and producers.

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