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Music and Entertainment


Certificate III in Music Industry (Music Business) (CUA30915)

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Gig Booking

Live performance is a critical part of the Music industry. You will cover the selection of performance venues, the role of a booking agent, what different artists need to put on a show and create a basic set of agreements between artists and venues and their managers.


Here you will cover the basic legislation covering copyright in the music industry, how to source copyright information, gain clearance to use other people's material and protecting material from unauthorised use.

Promoting Creative Acts

Students will be analysing the activities and strategies of experienced music marketers, and creating a promo plan and promo toolkit for use in promoting an artist of your own choosing.

Music Industry Knowledge

The music industry is mutli faceted and students will learn who does what in the music industry and how the peices fit together.

Music Genres

In this unit students will look at the genres of music that define the charts across the world and the various sub genres that spring from them.

Small Business Skills

Students will develop an identified business idea, research the feasibility of the business opportunity and present a business idea in formats that suit a range of stakeholders.

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