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Music and Entertainment



Where can a qualification from WSI Entertainment take you?

Graduates from WSI Entertainment have found opportunities in the wide variety of job roles that the entertainment industry has to offer.

David Laverty

Dave Laverty

Qualification: Diploma of Music

"Awesome characters and contacts – Shred On"

"WSI has been (and still is) a great experience for me, not only have they been able to introduce me to a large number of awesome characters and contacts, but the people you meet and work with can make your working environment just so legendary!!

Thank's to WSI Entertainment I have allot more knowledge as a vocalist, and I can start incorporating that into my music with other instruments I play, and a even broader range of knowledge on different types of musicians to work with. Shred on!

Jerry Zahija


Studying: Music Diploma 2012.

"What an awesome experience. I love the amount of help offered from all the teachers. I've picked up so much that I'm now applying into making my band into my business and just progressing as a musician myself."

Sonja Van den berg

What you studied: Advanced Diploma Music (Performance)

Graduated: 2006

Current position in the industry: Freelance Sound Engineer and Bass Guitarist

How did you get where you are today?

By having a good work, building networks, being multi-skilled and adaptable.

Sonja Van den berg: read more

Basil Cook

Qualification: Advanced Diploma of Music, 2005.

Current Role: Head of Digital, ABC Music.

Basil Cook talks TAFE, the Biz and 'makin' it'.

Amy Jarman


Completed: Certificate IV Music Business 2011, Certificate IV in Music 2010.

Current Role: A&R representative, Sony Music.

"This course is a necessity for anyone wanting to work on the business side of the music industry or even for musos' who just want to get the most out of their band. It covers everything you need to know and gave me the knowledge base and confidence to start actually working in the industry as a band manager and booking agent before I even finished the course! The teachers have first hand experience and are in touch with current and rapid changes in the industry as many of them are still active within it. All the teachers at Nirimba WSI inspired me to get out there and do what I love and were there to give advice and support every step of the way. Thank you Monique, Howler & Paul!"

Gerson D’Souza - India

Gerson D'Souza

"My experience here at TAFE NSW has been simply brilliant," Gerson said. "I have met some of the most influential and experienced people of the music industry. It is not every day one of your teachers was the mastering engineer for the American music legend Frank Zappa. From sharing their industry knowledge to being downright relatable, these people have paved the path for what can only be a bright future for me."

Gerson said that he was also impressed with the equipment available at Nirimba College, which is in the Western Sydney suburb of Quakers Hill. “They have a commercial sized recording studio with up-to-date recording equipment and gear. Also, they have their very own venue where they conduct weekly gigs as a class. Having to come to class to set up for and operate either a live show or a recording session for me was an absolute dream come true. Not only was the work 'hands on' and challenging, but also it got me prepared for the outside industry."

Graduate, Advanced Diploma of Sound Production, Nirimba College.

Chris Blancato

Chris Blancato

Completed: Diploma Tech Production 2009

Current Role: Producer and Sound Engineer

"Studying at TAFE WSI Entertainment has given me the ability to successfully start my own studio. The resources and teachers allowed me to gain a really thorough understanding of many aspects of the industry, and experience the same 'Real world' scenarios I work in with my business today."

Visit Chris's website.

Kate Hogan

Kate Hogan

Completed: Advanced Diploma Music 2010, Certificate IV in Sound Production

"A practical, hands on, relevent course for people who want to learn more about a career in music.
Got thrown in the deep end and loved it. It 'de-mistified' the industry.
I now have the tools necessary to carve a career doing something I love."

Rob Smith

Completed: Advanced Diploma Music Industry (Business) 2003

"I learnt so much from this course and am now working in music publishing as a marketing manager @ Extreme Music."

Duncan Ford

Completed: 2006 - Diploma in Music

"Thanks for the course! I was a bedroom bandit when i started. I remember the first time i played a lunchtime gig everything went wrong, but each concert one thing less would go wrong until i became a confident live performer. It was exactly what i needed at that point! The computer/recording training was also great, i've even done a DJ style set or two from my laptop since leaving the course. The industry stuff was great for getting focused, and the theory stuff was solid too.

Even though i've only been out there playing for a few years i've already had stacks of amazing experiences playing gigs/festivals and recording and getting the chance to play with great musicians since finishing the course, So thanks!!!! "

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