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Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) Preparatory Course


This program is offered through a partnership agreement with and under the quality assurance processes of Cisco Networking Academies (USA).

The program is designed to give participants practical skills in designing, configuring and installing computer internetworks using equipment such as routers and switches.

Program delivery is activity-based and includes computer-based learning using Cisco Multimedia Instruction, short lectures, hands-on exercises and case studies. The focus is very much on practical outcomes.

Students will receive a statement of result for each Semester Unit.

Students must successfully pass a Semester Unit before being allowed to progress to the following Semester.

Students who successfully complete all four Semester units will receive a Western Sydney Institute, Blacktown College, Certificate which certifies the successful completion of the full Cisco Systems Networking Academy Program. They may then sit for the internationally recognised Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) examination.

Please read the Disclaimer

Semester one

CCNA1: Introduction to Networks

Chapter 1 – Exploring the Network

Chapter 2 – Configuring a Network Operating System

Chapter 3 – Network Protocols and Communications

Chapter 4 – Network Access

Chapter 5 – Ethernet

Chapter 6 – Network Layer

Chapter 7 – Transport Layer

Chapter 8 – IP Addressing

Chapter 9 – Subnetting IP Networks

Chapter 10 – Application Layer

Chapter 11 – It’s a Network

Semester 2

CCAN2: Routing and Switching Essentials

Chapter 1 Introduction to Switched Networks

Chapter 2 Basic Switching Concepts and Configuration

Chapter 3 VLANs

Chapter 4 Routing Concepts

Chapter 5 Inter-VLAN Routing

Chapter 6 Static Routing

Chapter 7 Routing Dynamically

Chapter 8 Single-Area OSPF

Chapter9 Access Control Lists

Chapter 10 DHCP

Chapter 11 Network Address Translation for IPv4

Semester 3

CCNA3: Scaling Networks

Chapter 1 — Introduction to Scaling Networks

Chapter 2 — LAN Redundancy

Chapter 3 — Link Aggregation

Chapter 4 — Wireless LANs

Chapter 5 — Adjust and Troublshoot Single-Area OSPF

Chapter 6 — Multiarea OSPF

Chapter 7 — EIGRP

Chapter 8 — EIGRP Advanced Configurations and Troubleshooting

Chapter 9 — IOS Images and Licensing

Semester 4

CCNA4: Connecting Networks

Chapter 1 — Hierarchical Network Design

Chapter 2 — Connecting to the WAN

Chapter 3 — Point-to-Point Connections

Chapter 4 — Frame Relay

Chapter 5 — Network Address Translation for IPv4

Chapter 6 — Broadband Solutions

Chapter 9 — Troubleshooting the Network

Chapter 8 — Monitoring the Network

Chapter 7 — Securing Site-to-Site Connectivity

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Disclaimer to Enrolling Students

Please note that no student can be guaranteed a position in a continuing class/group of the following semester due to many circumstances.

Each class is an entity on its own and therefore carries with it its own enrolment.

Students must make their own enrolment arrangements and check for vacancies.

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