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Ruma's Solo Show

Ruma Hort is a  recent graduate from our Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts, and she is having a solo show at the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery!

We hope you can help Ruma celebrate this fantastic achievement at the opening on Friday the 2nd of August. Click on the invitations below for more details. Ruma's art is a fascinating combination of her arts training and her experience as a hairdresser, you can read about what motivates her work below.

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Drawing upon 10 years of hairdressing experience, it is understandable that hair has become an important part of my life. Not only does it make a person’s appearance, it also says a lot about their personality and self-worth. Everyone knows when they having a bad day or when they are in need of a haircut no matter how shallow they are. Once they have left the hairdresser’s they often feel like a brand new person even if they only lost a centimetre off their hair. To be the person that can change someone’s appearance and have such an impact on their self-confidence is really quite empowering.
Cutting hair used to scare me, it was the one thing I feared most as I was learning, knowing that once the hair is cut there is no way to stick it back on, no way to rewind the clock. Mistakes were obvious and difficult to correct but once I mastered the technique there was no looking back.

I’m a very textural person, from visual patterns to surfaces that are sensitive to touch, every element matters. This is even more true to hair, no two people have the same textured hair and the differences define what you can do to it. This resonates strongly back to my art where I use my knowledge of the textural quality of hair as the core inspiration of my work. I let the materials dictate what I do, from creating the designs, sculpting the lino to assembling the elements into a finished work. It is all about process rather than the finished product. This

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