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Me, Myself & I launch, and You Are Here

Me, Myself  & I launch, and You Are Here

In the Trapezium Gallery at lunchtime today we launch the final 'Me, Myself & I' book and celebrate our new collaborative 'You Are Here' exhibition which will close tomorrow at 4pm.

Our new Me, myself & I book, thanks to the fabulous and patient work of Sarah Emerson, is freely available as an e-pub for download (just click the pic below to pick it up from dropbox). If on the other hand you want to part with your hard-earned cash, and long for the heft of a traditional tome  it will also shortly be available, like our other books, from (watch this space).

Kelly O'Connell's wonderful self-portrait is our front cover this year, marking a colourful ending to a decade of exhibitions, and five years of publications.

Are you in the book? Our list of artists for the final book is below, in alphabetical order (by first name)

Alex J Foster,  Alex Fairhurst,  Allyson Senior,  Amy Simpson,  Angie Borg,  Ann Babinard,  Annette Hamilton,  Annette Bukovinsky,  Aprile Alexander,  Arunas Klupsas,  Barbara Hellman,  Brenda McIntosh,  Brian Bright,  Brianna,  Brigitte Gourdain,  Bron Newman,  Brooke Keogh,  Caitlyn Ravet,  Camille Gillyboef,  Carmel Mackie,  Catherine Morgan,  Craig Heslop,  Daniel Wallace,  Derya Sari,  Di Holdsworth,  Giselle Sangalli,  Hayley Williams,  Helen Brancatisano,  Irina Sakalouski,  Jaclyn Lindsay,  Jaimee-Leigh Wilson,  Jarrid Mayberry,  Jayshlyn Krishna,  Jo Ernsten,  Jocelyn Munster,  Justin Bishop,  Kalliopi Papadatou,  Karen Mulvihill-Wray,  Katherine Lottering,  Kelly OConnell,  Kerrie Keefe,  Kristen English,  Laura Pinones,  Lisa McKay,  Liz Smith,  Luke Zammit,  Maeve Dunnett,  Marlay Bir

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