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Amazing public art project involving our students

Amazing public art project involving our students

Eighteen NADC students are thrilled to be involved in a multi-media art and inclusive community event in Penrith in September called 'No Boundaries' . For at least 12 of these volunteers, their participation in the project will turn into a paid traineeship, which will make them eligible in the future to work operating the multimedia equipment in use during the project, which is planned to remain in the community for use in future events.

No Boundaries will involve:
"Large scale architectural projection… interactive and playful displays… and a gathering of people from Penrith, Blue Mountains and Sydney… An unforgettable show bringing together creative and talented people from all walks of life to see something very new in Penrith!"   
 - from the 'no boundaries' website

The project aims to involve members of the community from all walks of life, and is being overseen by a creative industries company called Illuminart. This company specializes in t he design and creation of world class projection art, cross-disciplinary arts and audiovisual storytelling of lasting significance to communities. Illuminart's avant-garde media art projects incorporate illumination, interactive projection art and performance, developed in creative partnerships and collaborations among a variety of disciplines. 
 - from the illuminart website 

Have a look at the gorgeous example of illuminart's work inthe clip below. In this video, the kinetic ship sculpture is also the source of the projections on the building. This is the kind of cool stuff our students are going to be working with, so keep your eye on this project !

 In another wonderful collaborative opportunity, NADC photoimaging students will document the performance events in September.

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