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Nepean Design Fair June 2013

Some of the Advanced Diploma Graphic Design students who participated in the Design Fair. Salie Christian, Mitchell Mamo, Sandi Lucock (Head Teacher), Jake Oxley, Tarsha Humphreys, Morgan Boehringer, Skye Uren, Daniel Baker (Teacher), Allison Garnon, Allen Wan, Barbara Dubi,  Eleaine Yong, Mark Wotherspoon and Venessa Mayer.
Shayne Cocks, Graphic Design Diploma, had some lovely photographic prints and cards for sale.
Skye Uren, Advanced Diploma Graphic Design, designed and printed her own comic based on life at Nepean Design Centre.
Allen Wan, Advanced Diploma Graphic Design, designed six characters influenced from games and videos that have their own personalities and own environment. Those characters were then placed on postcards for sale at the Fair.
Paige McGovern, Design Fundamentals Cert III, had some lovely sweets for sale which were snapped up very quickly.
Jake Oxley, Advanced Diploma Graphic Design, designed and painted his own unique skateboard.
Tarsha Humphreys, Advanced Diploma Graphic Design, had her own range of lazer cut jewellery with imagery her drawn eyes etched into broaches, necklaces and earrings.
Venessa May, Advanced Diploma Graphic Design, designed her own range of T-shirts and printed them up on a large range of sizes along with various prints.
Kerrin Fernandez, Advanced Diploma Graphic Design, designed his own range of playing cards.
Elaine Yong, Advanced Diploma Graphic Design, designed a children's ezine.
Judith Tan, Graphic Design Diploma, had her own range of jewellery and greeting cards.
Mitchell Mamo, Advanced Diploma Graphic Design, designed lights out of perspex.
Barbara Dubi, Advanced Diploma Graphic Design, wrote and arranged a number of songs for a CD. Those songs were performed at the Fair.
Emily Mills, Advanced Diploma Graphic Design, has produced her own range of hand pain

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