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Paper planes take off at Nepean Design Centre 2013

'Thursday Fun Day' last week was celebrated with a paper plane competition on Thursday 11th April at lunchtime. Students where given 10 minutes to create a paper plane that would fly the longest distance. Students had a lot of fun creating all sorts of designs that resembled various individual streamline concords to one paper plane that looked very much like a paper hat. Thank you again Thursday Fun Day committee for organising another fun event.

Nuri Susamci, Mikaela Campbell and Cameron Climpson making their planes.
Shayne Cocks with her competition design.
Albeth Bacalla, Micheal O'Keefe and Raneem Moucharrafie busy at work.
Vennessa Mayer's plane in action.
Micheal O'Keefe, the face says it all.
Randell Hidalgo preparing for lift off.
Cameron Climpson being presented his his runner up prize by Mike McPherson.
And the winner is, Salie Christian being presented by Mike McPherson.
Salie in action.
Didn't quite make it

Paper planes take off at Nepean Design Centre 2013: read more

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