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Visual Merchandising display WOWs Parramatta 2014

Visual Merchandising display WOWs Parramatta 2014

Earlier this month Karen Doughty from the TAFE Parramatta Office approached the Visual Merchandising staff at Nepean Arts and Design Centre to assist with a display to go in the front window for MELT (Manufacturing Engineering Logistics Transport) industry line. Ken Morgan and Rosslyn Manuel ( VM teachers) worked with their students to design, construct and install an attractive and eye catching display utilizing industrial items.
  The finished display has captured the attention of the viewing public as they have been observed trying to decipher  what some items are: for example the robotic arms, freezing WSI sign can cooler #d Art (see photo). This in itself is creating such an enormous interest in not only this industry line but the fact that we have presence at Parramatta.
The response from students involved   was also very positive as they enjoyed being on the work experience on-site.

Other participant in the project were: Liz Hellenpach (Industry Officer) and Karen Doughty who arranged the sourcing and delivery of all the MELT industry work samples for the display. The MELT logo was prepared by our DEEFA design studio at short notice as MELT did not have a visual identity. Thanks go to Anita Nau-Kleinmann and Coleen English-Thomas for creating the designs & Nuri Susamci for his assistance in the cutting of props with our digital foam-cutter.
Thank you to all involved for such an impressive result.

Left to right: VM Teacher Roz Manuel, Students: Marcela Ottova, Anna Nguyen, Stephanie Forster, Kara Mosquera and Felicity Raymond.

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