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Advanced Diploma Graphic Design 2010 Student

Advanced Diploma Graphic Design 2010 Student

So, one year I am a student at Nepean Arts & Design Centre, and within 12 months I'm an In-House Designer in London!!!
I never thought life could work so fast. A junior designer fresh out of studying the Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design and Communications in Kingswood, straight to being head of Design at an amazing company, learning and creating so much, and loving it!!!
I'm not sure if it's pure luck, but when you want something in life, it happens because you really want it so bad and you feel it pulling you there, wherever it may be!
I started off in the Design Fundamentals class, which was so much fun, but I still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, you know, my career, not just a job! Everyone was going on to do Graphic Design and Communications, so I followed, I really had no idea what was truly involved but I had to make some decision that would impact my career path, I felt. Turned out I loved that too. Lucky.
I followed the course through to my Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design and Communications and after doing two weeks Work Placement at an Advertising Agency in North Sydney called The Furnace     they offered me part time work on the Digital Team. Advertising was not really what I wanted to do but I really didn't know for sure until I had tried it, but I loved the people there and learnt so much. I still use techniques and things I've learnt there, to this day.
I realised, never turn down experience because you just never know what you'll get out of it, even if you really did not like it, at least then you know for sure and are never left wondering! Meeting some amazing people along the way is always a major bonus - they can come in handy later in life...people with skills...think networking!
So, while I was studying, I had one of those, what would you call it, inspirational moments? A teacher was talking about an ex-NADC Design student who worked in London at the time and was bec

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