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Design at NADC offers rewarding and challenging hands-on study for those seeking a career in Graphic Design, Interior Design/Decoration, Digital Media or Visual Merchandising.

The Nepean Arts & Design Centre is a specialist centre for design education. It provides opportunities for students to gain a complete overview of the design industry.

We teach hands-on technical skills in line with current industry standards. With an emphasis on innovation, aesthetic appreciation and creative problem solving – our students create contemporary design concepts, learn about the industry and develop design business skills.

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  • Interior Design
  • Visual Merchandising
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If you would like more information about any of our courses or to make appointment to discuss the courses please phone 9208 9484

Or contact Sandi Lucock or Craig Daalmeijer-Power, Head Teachers of Design, on 9208 9500 or 9208 9513

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Want to further your Design skills? Would you like to become a graphic designer, interior designer or web designer and you have a design background? This course is for people who want to take up opportunities as a broadly educated designer or follow a path to more specific design areas.

You will learn further design skills through project-based practical assignments, operating individually and in teams. Learn about, design research, video production, entertainment design, and design in 2 and 3 dimensional projects. Through this course you will gain confidence in presenting your concepts and designs.

Our friendly and experienced staff offer a wide variety in experience and discipline areas that will assist you through the course. While at NADC you will be part of an exciting environment where you and people like you will mix with all types of designers which will broaden your skills background and help you on your way to a career of Design.

Graphic Design

The graphic design course concentrates on creative visual communication solutions across the areas of print, web and digital design. Learners create design concepts and present finished artwork using a combination of traditional studio media and digital technologies.

Design Fundamentals

Design Fundamentals

Are you interested in Design? Would you like to become a designer and you don’t have the background?

Want a hands-on course that is a good introduction to the design industry?

Design Fundamentals covers the history and theory of design, colour theory; you learn to explore the design process by producing drawings both by hand and computer and learn to apply the design process to 2 and 3-dimensional work.

Interior Design

The interior design course concentrates on interior architecture and the interior built environment. Students work in a studio-based learning environment and use creative design methods that focus on collaboration, creativity and innovation. Learners develop knowledge and skills to create innovative hands-on 2 and 3D graphic visuals.

Interior Decoration

The interior decoration course concentrates on planning, arranging and styling building interiors by specifying and selecting finishes, fixtures, fittings, lighting, colour, furniture, furnishings and accessories, to produce an environment tailored to a purpose and a specific aesthetic appearance.

Interactive Digital Media

This is a hands-on course for people who want to learn about animation, digital art, interactive media authoring, media asset production or web design. The course is a mix of technical production and following the creative design process.

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