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Getting Started

Getting Started

Smart and Skilled Student Fees for 2018

To be eligible to access government subsidised training in TAFE NSW, including fee exemptions or concessions, you must be:

  1. an Australian citizen or meet the criteria of being an Australian permanent resident, a humanitarian visa holder, or a New Zealand citizen
  2. aged 15 years or older
  3. no longer be at school and
  4. living or working in NSW or
  5. registered as a NSW apprentice or new entrant trainee

Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students who live or work within NSW and who live at identified postcodes which border NSW shall have access to government subsidised training places in TAFE NSW.

Eligibility for Smart and Skilled - NSW government subsidised training - is available to humanitarian visa holders, and has been extended to individuals who hold a bridging visa, temporary humanitarian stay visa or temporary humanitarian concern visa commencing training on or after 1 January 2017.

Eligibility for Smart and Skilled - NSW government subsidised training - is tended to registered home schooled students whose training commences on or after 1 January 2017.

When you enrol in a government subsidised TAFE NSW course you will be required to pay the Smart and Skilled student fee, unless you qualify for a fee exemption or fee concession.

You may also be eligible for a Smart & Skilled Fee-Free Scholarship.

If you are not a resident of NSW or working within NSW, you have the option of paying the commercial, or fee-for-service, fee.

How the fees are applied

Under Smart and Skilled you are charged one fee for the whole qualification. This means you'll know the total cost of your course before you start. The fee you pay will depend on your eligibility and your previous study history.

The fee you pay, or the fee exemption or Smart & Skilled Fee-Free Scholarship you receive, only covers your first attempt at your course, and the first attempt at any unit of competency within your course. If you want to repeat a unit of competency you should discuss this with your head teacher as soon as possible. A separate fee will be charged for any second or further attempt to successfully achieve a unit of competency and as this fee will be determined on your specific circumstances and training needs, this fee would not be known at the time of enrolment.

When your enrolment is complete and you have paid the applicable fees you will be entitled to attend class, participate in training, sit for examinations, receive educational awards, use amenities and services or receive an active TAFEcard (which provides access to library resources).

If you have outstanding fees, please contact your college or campus to discuss and organise alternate arrangements.

All Smart and Skilled student fees are subject to change by State Training Services NSW.

All TAFE NSW fees and charges are subject to change.

Fee support

Students studying at Diploma or above level may be able to apply for a VET Student Loan in approved courses.


  1. In addition to the Smart and Skilled student fee, concession fee or fee-for-service amount, some courses have additional costs
  2. The Smart and Skilled student fee does not apply to existing worker trainees, school-based apprentices or school-based trainees who are covered by separate funding arrangements
  3. TAFE-delivered HSC Vocational Education and Training courses for school students (TVET) are subject to separate funding arrangements
  4. Courses offered on a fee-for-service basis have different fees. Most courses are offered as fee-for-service, including Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma courses, and some short courses

You can also visit the Smart and Skilled website to view the 2016 Skills List qualifications, check your eligibility and calculate your course fee.

Fee for service courses

Many TAFE NSW courses are offered on a fee-for-service basis. Fees for these courses vary from course to course depending on the nature of the course, the attendance mode and the course duration.

All TAFE NSW fees and charges are subject to change.

If a course is being offered on a fee-for-service basis, the price will be displayed as part of the course details.

Fees for additional subsidised qualifications and courses

As the State's public provider TAFE NSW provides training and services for specific groups to meet government priorities outside the Smart and Skilled fee arrangements. Courses are offered across the key programs of:

Click here for more information on the student fees for these courses.

Contact by Training Services NSW
If your course has been funded by Training Services NSW under Smart and Skilled, you may be contacted by a Training Services NSW representative to discuss your experience at Western Sydney Institute.