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TAFE delivered Vocational Education and Training [TVET]

The TVET program gives Year 11 and Year 12 school students the opportunity to study TAFE courses which contribute units to their HSC. Accounting and Industry Curriculum Framework courses can also count towards their ATAR.

The advantages of completing a TVET course include:

  • access to a broader range of courses for Year 11 and Year 12 studies
  • the possibility of gaining a qualification recognised by employers Australia wide
  • practical skills and training for the workplace and further study
  • an opportunity to gain two sets of credentials - one from the Board of Studies (HSC) and one from TAFE NSW
  • advanced standing, which means there is no need to repeat any subjects successfully completed if you continue with TAFE NSW after school
  • the experience of an adult learning environment.

TVET courses have the same Board of Studies requirements as other HSC courses. Students need to attend classes and complete the set assessments.

Program List

For more information about your chosen course:

  1. Click this link TVET courses proposed in 2018
  2. Select a college where the course is offered
  3. Click on an Offering Name for course details
  4. Click on a Unit Code to see what the unit covers

Western Sydney Region TVET Course list for Students (PDF, 794KB)

2018 Course By College list (PDF, 843KB)

TVET Course Guide and Course Information

TVET Animal Studies(Companion Animals) Course Flyer (PPTX, 288KB)

TVET Animal studies (Captive Aninmals) Course Flyer (PPTX, 287KB)

TVET Animal Studies (Discrete) (PPTX, 286KB)

TVET Automotive Vehicle Technology Course (PPTX, 284KB)

TVET Course Guide 2018 (PDF, 17,111KB)

TVET Automotive Electrical Sounds Systems Course (PPTX, 286KB)

TVET Automotive Mechanical Course Flyer (PPTX, 286KB)

TVET Automotive (Motorcycle) Course Flyer (PPTX, 285KB)

TVET Automotive (Panel beating) (PPTX, 286KB)

TVET Automotive (vehicle Painting) Course Flyer (PPTX, 285KB)

TVET Automotive (Vehicle Detailing) Discrete (PPTX, 286KB)

TVET Beauty Services- Discrete Course Flyer (PPTX, 285KB)

Beauty Services - Nail Technology Course Flyer (PPTX, 284KB)

TVET Community Services Course Flyer (PPTX, 285KB)

TVET Construction Course Flyer (PPTX, 287KB)

TVET Design Fundamentals (Games Graphics) Course Flyer (PPTX, 287KB)

TVET Design Fundamentals -2 year Course Flyer (PPTX, 287KB)

TVET Design Fundamentals (Graphic Design) Course Flyer (PPTX, 287KB)

TVET Design Fundamentals( Interior Design) (PPTX, 287KB)

TVET Design Fundamentals ( Illustration) Course Flyer (PPTX, 286KB)

TVET Early Childhood Education & Care 2U Course Flyer (PPTX, 287KB)

TVET Early Childhood Education & Care 4U Course Flyer (PPTX, 288KB)

TVET Events Course Flyer (PPTX, 285KB)

TVET Floristry Course Flyer (PPTX, 284KB)

TVET Salon Assistant Course Flyer (PPTX, 286KB)

TVET Human Services (Ageing) Course Flyer (PPTX, 288KB)

TVET Human Services(Allied Health Assistance) Course Flyer (PPTX, 287KB)

TVET Human Services(Health Services Assistance) Course Flyer (PPTX, 288KB)

TVET Hospitality Course Flyer (PPTX, 286KB)

TVET Information & Digital Technology (Multimedia Gaming) (PPTX, 288KB)

TVET Information & Digital Technology (Technical Support) Course Flyer (PPTX, 287KB)

TVET Music Industry(Music Business) Course Flyer (PPTX, 287KB)

TVET Music Industry(Performance) Course Flyer (PPTX, 286KB)

TVET Outdoor Recreation(Abseiling & Climbing) Course Flyer (PPTX, 284KB)

TVET Outdoor Recreation(Abseiling,Climbing & Canoeing)Course Flyer (PPTX, 285KB)

TVET Music Industry Sound Production) Course Flyer (PPTX, 287KB)

TVET Plumbing Course Flyer (PPTX, 285KB)

TVET Primary Industries (Horticulture-Landscape) Course Flyer (PPTX, 288KB)

TVET Primary Industries(Horticulture) Discrete Course Flyer (PPTX, 287KB)

TVET Retail Baking Course Flyer (PPTX, 283KB)

TVET Property Services Course Flyer (PPTX, 285KB)

TVET Screen & Media Course Flyer (PPTX, 282KB)

TVET Skills for Work & Vocational Pathways (Retail) Discrete (PPTX, 287KB)

TVET SOA Fitness Course Flyer (PPTX, 286KB)

TVET Tourism Framework Course Flyer (PPTX, 286KB)

TVET Visual Arts (Ceramics & Printmaking) Course Flyer (PPTX, 285KB)

TVET Sport & Recreation Course Flyer (PPTX, 286KB)

TVET Visual Arts (Painting & Drawing) Course Flyer (PPTX, 285KB)

TVET Retail Services Course Flyer (PPTX, 284KB)

TVET Primary Industries(Jackeroo/Jillaroo) Course Flyer (PPTX, 287KB)

TVET Electrotechnology(Electronics) Course Flyer (PPTX, 286KB)

TVET Electrotechology (Electrician) Course Flyer (PPTX, 287KB)

TVET Visual Arts (Photography) Course Flyer (PPTX, 285KB)

TVET Metals & Engineering( Fitting & Machining & Fabrication) Course Flyer (PPTX, 286KB)

TVET Outdoor Recreation (Bushwalking & Canoeing) Course Flyer (PPTX, 284KB)

TVET Information & Digital Technology (Web Technology) Course Flyer (PPTX, 287KB)

TVET Information & Digital Technology (Networking) Course Flyer (PPTX, 287KB)

TVET Financial Services ( Accounts Administration) Course Flyer (PPTX, 289KB)

TVET Entertainment (Live Production & Services) Course Flyer (PPTX, 288KB)

Beauty Services_ Makeup Course Flyer (PPTX, 286KB)

TV ET Compulsory Information Sessions (PDF, 503KB)

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