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Example Career Pathways


Hairdressing and Beauty

To help our learners gain a 'Big Picture' view of possible career progression within this study area, we have constructed the below example career pathway(s).

Centred around progressing from one TAFE course to the next, career seekers can quickly see what courses they will have to study and complete to achieve a specific career goal. In addition expected salary ranges and employability rate information, all sourced from Payscale and based on occupations listed on the myskills government website, provides insight into career based earning potentials.

Please note that the information provided here is general in nature, was created to serve as an example only and further research should be undertaken before making any decisions. For all questions please speak to our learning consultants on 131 870.

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Hair and Beauty

Qualification Certificate 3
Course Name
Beauty Services
Occupations/ Positions
Salary $32k-53k
Employability 25.0%
Qualification Certificate 4
Course Name
Beauty Therapy
Occupations/ Positions
Beauty Therapist
Salary $37k-55k
Employability 42.4%
Qualification Diploma
Course Name
Beauty Therapy
Occupations/ Positions
Senior Beauty Therapist
Salary $40k-56k
Employability 42.3%

Last updated Oct 2016

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