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TAFE NSW Course Number: 162-R1220V01
This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to work in a hotel, club or restaurant bar. You will learn how to prepare and serve a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in a bar environment. You will also gain a certificate...
TAFE NSW Course Number: 162-R1213V01
Learn how to make the perfect espresso coffee with this intensive 6 day course. You will learn the how to select and grind the coffee beans, extracting the perfect espresso and the skill of texturing milk. Cleaning and maintaining the espresso...
TAFE NSW Course Number: 162-R1208V01
This course will provide you with all the basic skills and knowledge required to work in a café or coffee shop. You will learn to make a variety of coffees, non-alcoholic beverages and serve tables.
TAFE NSW Course Number: 162-24088V01
According to Australian Standard AS2708-2001 keyboarding speed tests are only current for six months. If you are applying for a job or require an up to date keyboarding speed statement, make an appointment for a test at your local college. Please...

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