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Certificate IV in Captive Animals: Online

National Course Code: ACM40210

TAFE NSW Course Number: ACM40210-01V02


Study Type:

Start Date:
18 May 2017


1 year

Nominal Hours:

Full Fee: $3,280

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  • Nationally Recognised Training
  • Traineeship

This course is for people aiming to operate at a senior keeper level
undertaking animal care functions within a zoo, wildlife or theme park
environment. It is also suitable for those already employed in the care and
husbandry of captive animals. Job roles include senior keeper; wildlife care

This course enables you to build on your skills and knowledge for the care of
captive animals. It is essential that whilst undertaking this course you have
access to a captive animal workplace through either paid employment or
significant periods of work placement or work experience. This will allow you
to practise what you have learnt and increase your experience working with other
in an animal care facility.

By completing this course you will learn about keeping captive animals,
including feeding, maintaining hygiene, maintaining enclosures and exhibits,
monitoring animal reproduction and providing enrichment for animals. People who
work at this level are also required prepare and present information to the
public, implement and monitor the organisation's work health and safety
program, implement collection management, manage closure and exhibits, develop
animal diets, and develop, monitor and review behavioural management strategies.

Pathways from this course include graduate level study to provide advanced
skills and knowledge for further advancement.

Certificate IV Captive Animals (online)

Start Date: Anytime

Captive Animals Certificate CIV is offered 1 day a week for 2 semesters + 21 hours per week employment /workplacement within a captive animal facility for the duration of course.

Entry Requirements:
This course is by application. Completion of Certificate III in Captive Animals ACM30310. To get started in this program you will need to contact Graeme Phipps to discuss eligibility.
PLEASE NOTE: Letter of confirmation from workplace is required for enrolment.

Our courses were designed in collaboration with industry. Our graduates enjoy a high percentage of paid employment in a very competitive industry. Your trainers have over 70 years combined captive animals experience across the full spectrum of wild animal sectors and Richmond also offers the broadest flexibility.

Certificate IV in Captive Animals is for those who are working in a supervisory role as a keeper in a zoo, wildlife park, aquarium, theme park, mobile zoo, open range zoo or safari park, conservation park, earth sanctuary, care for country or wildlife rescue & rehabilitation facility.

A Unique Student Identifier is required prior to enrolment. To apply for your USI follow the link provided. http://www.usi.gov.au/create-your-USI/Pages/default.aspx.
Western Sydney Institute enrols at Advanced Level for this Qualification


For further information please contact:
Graeme Phipps - email: captiveanimals@tafensw.edu.au or Customer Service 02 4570 9099
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To ensure you leave us with the most up to date qualification...

If during or after your enrolment, the course in which you are enrolled is updated in line with national industry standards, the Institute reserves the right to transition you into an alternate course. If this becomes necessary, the Institute will advise you of the change and the arrangements which will be available for you to complete your alternate course.

Pathways for candidates considering this qualification include:

- direct entry
- after achieving ACM30310 Certificate III in Captive Animals
- vocational training and/or work experience or skills recognition.

This qualification is suited to Australian Apprenticeship pathways.

It is recommended that whilst undertaking this qualification, the learner have
access to an captive animal workplace.

Are there any additional entry requirements?

A number of courses may require prospective students to provide additional information such as documentation, an expression of interest, evidence that you are already employed as an apprentice, or preferred prior study (or equivalent).

PLEASE NOTE: Richmond College requires that whilst undertaking this qualification, the learner has concurrent access to a captive animals’ workplace. This can be as paid or voluntary employment in a supervisors role for 4 days per week. A letter of confirmation is required from your workplace.

Credit (or recognition) for modules/units may be granted based on previous learning, studies, work and/or life experiences. Please discuss this with the teaching section when you enrol.

Zookeeper, wildlife parks keeper, theme parks or sanctuary keeper, wildlife
carer or rescuer.

ACMCAN305A Assist with capturing, restraining and moving animals
ACMCAN405A Design and evaluate interpretive and learning programs
ACMSPE302A Provide basic care of birds
ACMCAN302A Prepare and present information to the public
ACMCAN402A Manage enclosures and exhibits
ACMGAS302A Provide enrichment for animals
TAEDEL402A Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace
ACMCAN303A Support collection management
ACMCAN403A Develop animal diets
ACMGAS303A Plan for and provide nutritional requirements for animals
ACMCAN301A Work within a captive animal facility
ACMCAN401A Implement collection management
ACMGAS301A Maintain and monitor animal health and wellbeing
ACMSPE311A Provide basic care of non-venomous reptiles
ACMCAN304A Prepare and maintain animal housing
ACMCAN404A Develop, monitor and review behavioural management strategies
ACMOHS401A Maintain occupational health and safety processes
ACMACR407A Conduct community awareness programs
ACMCAN306A Monitor animal reproduction
ACMCAN406A Assist in establishing and maintaining a plantation
ACMSPE310A Provide basic care of mammals

The above list includes units being offered at this campus and that are required to complete this qualification. Other colleges may offer different elective options. For some courses the electives will not be listed however they will be discussed during your first class. Please see www.tafensw.edu.au for the full list of elective units available within this course.

Course cost: $3,280

This offering is not covered under Smart and Skilled and will be delivered at a commercial fee.

Start Date: 18 May 2017

Online: 22 hours per week x 1 Year

1 day per week -Thursdays 4:00 -5:00 pm (AEST) plus workplacement/ employment for 21 hours per week (minimum) with supervisory opoortunities or duties within a Captive Animal facility for duration of course.

To express interest in this course hit the express interest now button.

Learners require employment /work placement prior to enrolment 21 hours minimum per week within a Captive Animal Facility for the duration of the course. Enrolment is conditional to workplacement and letter of proof.

A Unique Student Identifier is required prior to enrolment. To apply for your USI follow this link. If you cannot remember your USI or if you have forgotten you have one, please visit the USI Website for assistance in retrieving your USI.

For further information please contact:
Graeme Phipps - email: captiveanimals@tafensw.edu.au or Customer Service 02 4570 9099

17RMD-107 S:18/5/2017 E:22/6/2018

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