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Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation

National Course Code: SIS40313

TAFE NSW Course Number: SIS40313-01V03

Blue Mountains College, Wentworth Falls Campus

Study Type:
Full Time

Start Date:
4 Feb 2019


18 weeks

Nominal Hours:

Full Fee: $8,990
Max. Fee If Eligible For Subsidy: $2,750

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  • Nationally Recognised Training
  • Government Subsidised
  • Traineeship

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Depending on the specialisations chosen, this qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in:

Guiding outdoor recreation activities in an uncontrolled environment:-
- It requires technical knowledge of the outdoor recreation activity to be transferred to allow individuals to safely participate in the outdoor activity. It does not provide the skills and knowledge to impart the required level of technical knowledge and expertise to allow participants to independently undertake outdoor recreation activities.

- A guide operating in an uncontrolled environment has the skills, knowledge and experience that enable them to work independently within a variety of settings and contexts that may be complex and non-routine.

Instructing outdoor recreation skills

An instructor has the skills, knowledge and experience to facilitate skill transfer or development to clients in order that they may participate independently (or with minimal supervision) in outdoor activities. This requires the instructor to be able to:

- transfer required technical skills and knowledge to participants
- apply a variety of appropriate instructional strategies
- critique participants technique
- assess participants skill and knowledge acquisition during and at the end of a program or session

In all cases those with this qualification would be managing expected and unexpected situations with considerable autonomy. Leadership, guidance and supervision are involved when organising activities of self and others, as well as contributing to technical solutions of a non-routine or contingency nature. Work would be performed in field locations with varied contexts requiring contingency planning and in differing environments such as water-based, dry land and mountainous terrains, using a diverse range of equipment.

Job roles
The following are indicative job roles for this qualification:
outdoor guide (uncontrolled environment)
outdoor instructor.

To ensure you leave us with the most up to date qualification...

If during or after your enrolment, the course in which you are enrolled is updated in line with national industry standards, the Institute reserves the right to transition you into an alternate course. If this becomes necessary, the Institute will advise you of the change and the arrangements which will be available for you to complete your alternate course.

Entry to this qualification by persons without prior outdoor recreation industry experience or formal qualifications is not recommended.

Examples of sufficient relevant skills and knowledge for entry into the qualification may include:
Previous qualification at the AQF level below
Previous experience in the outdoor recreation industry and interest in outdoor pursuits

Entry into this qualification and progression between qualification levels will be based on the professional judgement of the RTO, in consultation with the individual.

Credit (or recognition) for modules/units may be granted based on previous learning, studies, work and/or life experiences. Please discuss this with the teaching section when you enrol.

Outdoor guide (uncontrolled environment)
Outdoor instructor

SISOABN202A Safeguard an abseiler using a single rope belay system
SISOBWG201A Demonstrate bushwalking skills in a controlled environment
SISOCAY302A Apply vertical canyoning skills
SISOCNE305A-UNGRADED Guide canoeing trips on flat and undemanding water
SISONAV201A Demonstrate navigation skills in a controlled environment
SISOOPS306A Interpret weather conditions in the field
SISXCCS404A-UNGRADED Address client needs
SISXRES403A Use resources efficiently
PUAOPE002B Operate communications systems and equipment
SISOABN408A-UNGRADED Instruct abseiling on single pitch natural surfaces
SISOBWG411 Instruct bushwalks in a controlled environment
SISOCNE202A Perform deep water rescues
SISOKYK303A Apply inland kayaking skills on Grade 2 water
SISOODR405A Develop and coordinate programs incorporating outdoor activities
SISOWWR201A Demonstrate self rescue skills in white water
SISXOHS402A Implement and monitor occupational health and safety policies
TAEDEL301A Provide work skill instruction
SISOABN303A Apply single pitch abseiling skills on natural surfaces
SISOBWG302A Apply intermediate bushwalking skills
SISOCAY405A Apply advanced vertical canyoning skills
SISOCNE306A-UNGRADED Instruct canoeing skills on flat and undemanding water
SISONAV302A Apply navigation skills in an intermediate environment
SISOOPS407A Apply search and rescue skills
SISXEMR201A Respond to emergency situations
SITTTOP302 Provide outdoor catering
SISCAQU202A Perform basic water rescues
SISOABN409A Guide abseiling on multi pitch natural surfaces
SISOCAY201A Demonstrate horizontal canyoning skills
SISOCNE303A Apply canoeing skills
SISOKYK408A-UNGRADED Instruct kayaking skills on Grade 2 water
SISOOPS202A Use and maintain a temporary or overnight site
SISOWWR302A Demonstrate white water rescues and recoveries
SISXRES402A Support implementation of environmental management practices
HLTAID003 Provide first aid
SISOABN407A Establish ropes for multi pitch abseiling on natural surfaces
SISOBWG405A-UNGRADED Guide intermediate bushwalks
SISOCAY407A-UNGRADED Guide multi pitch canyoning trips
SISOINT302A Develop specialist resources for interpretive activities
SISOODR404A Manage risk in an outdoor activity
SISOVTR402A Perform complex vertical rescues
SISXIND405A Conduct projects
SITXFSA101 Use hygienic practices for food safety
BSBWOR404B-UNGRADED Develop work priorities
SISOABN406A Apply multi pitch abseiling skills on natural surfaces
SISOBWG404A Apply river crossing skills
SISOCAY406A Establish complex belays in canyons
SISOINT201A Conduct interpretation within an outdoor activity
SISOODR302A Plan outdoor recreation activities
SISOVTR301A Perform vertical rescues
SISXIND404A Promote compliance with laws and legal principles
SITTTOP402 Set up and operate a campsite

The above list includes units being offered at this campus and that are required to complete this qualification. Other colleges may offer different elective options. For some courses the electives will not be listed however they will be discussed during your first class. Please see www.tafensw.edu.au for the full list of elective units available within this course.

Smart and Skilled Student Fees

The cost of this course will vary based on your eligibility for a Smart and Skilled Student Fee. Eligibility criteria can be found on the Smart and Skilled website or you can call us on 131 870 for further information and advice.

First qualification$2,360
Second qualification$2,750
Non-government subsidised fee$8,990

Trainees: From 2016 if you are starting a traineeship that is on the NSW Skills List, your Smart and Skilled fee for the whole qualification will not be more than $1,000.

For full details on TAFE NSW fees and money matters please visit our Paying for Your Course page.

Start Date: 4 Feb 2019

Full Time: 25 hours per week x 18 Weeks

Classes are held 4 days per week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 7 hours per day from 9 am.

To register in this course, please use the Register option.

You are required to attend a compulsory information session on Wednesday 12 December 2018 at 10 am in Building F, Room FG.10.
If you are unable to attend this session you will need to attend the session on Wednesday 23 January 2019 at 10 am in Building F, Room FG.10.
TAFE NSW Blue Mountains College, Wentworth Falls Campus

A Unique Student Identifier is required prior to enrolment. To apply for your USI visit www.usi.gov.au. If you cannot remember your USI or if you have forgotten you have one, please visit the USI Website for assistance in retrieving your USI.

For further assistance, contact the WSI Service Centre on 131 870 to enrol.

19BMT-103 S:4/2/2019 E:21/6/2019

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Contact by Training Services NSW
If your course has been funded by Training Services NSW under Smart and Skilled, you may be contacted by a Training Services NSW representative to discuss your experience at Western Sydney Institute.