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Electrotechnology, Engineering & Manufacturing

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Certificate IV in Electrical - Instrumentation

National Course Code: UEE40411

TAFE NSW Course Number: UEE40411-01V03

Mount Druitt

Study Type:
Part Time Evening

Start Date:
23 Jul 2018


18 weeks

Nominal Hours:

Full Fee: $15,920
Max. Fee If Eligible For Subsidy: $4,960

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  • Nationally Recognised Training
  • Government Subsidised
  • Apprenticeship

Contact by Training Services NSW

If your course has been funded by Training Services NSW under Smart and Skilled, you may be contacted by a Training Services NSW representative to discuss your experience at Western Sydney Institute.

Before you enrol in this course you must contact the campus or campuses of your
choice for details of information sessions and other procedures that may apply.
Compulsory attendance at an information session may apply.

This course is for those working in the instrumentation and control industry.
You will learn how to select, install, commission, fault find and maintain
electrical and instrumentation equipment in buildings and premises and
instrumentation systems and core instrumentation equipment for process and

This course meets the national Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC)
requirements for an unrestricted 'Electrician's License'. Learners meeting these
requirements within this course will be eligible to apply for a Certificate III
in Electrotechnology - Electrician qualification upon successful completion of
the necessary core, prerequisite and elective units.

The Certificate III in Electrotechnology - Electrician qualification meets PART
of the requirements for issue of a 'Qualified Supervisors Certificate -
Electrician' issued by NSW Fair Trading, which permits the holder to work
unsupervised on low voltage fixed wiring and equipment and to directly supervise
others undertaking this work.

This is an advanced level course Smart and Skilled course that requires a current Australian Electricians License for admission.

Learners may be required to pay a fee to re-sit assessments if they fail a competency.

To ensure you leave us with the most up to date qualification...

If during or after your enrolment, the course in which you are enrolled is updated in line with national industry standards, the Institute reserves the right to transition you into an alternate course. If this becomes necessary, the Institute will advise you of the change and the arrangements which will be available for you to complete your alternate course.

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

However, the Electrotechnology Training Package recommends typical language,
literacy and numeracy skill levels needed to successfully complete each
Competency Standard Unit undertaken within this qualification.

Learners should either be in relevant employment or have access to appropriate
simulated workplace environments to achieve the completion requirements of this

Credit (or recognition) for modules/units may be granted based on previous learning, studies, work and/or life experiences. Please discuss this with the teaching section when you enrol.

Electrician (special class) / supervisor, electronic instrument tradesperson.

UEENEEE107A Use drawings, diagrams, schedules, standards, codes and specifications
UEENEEG063A Arrange circuits, control and protection for general electrical installations
UEENEEG106A Terminate cables, cords and accessories for low voltage circuits
UEENEEI103A Solve problems in density/level measurement components and systems
UEENEEK145A Implement and monitor energy sector environmental and sustainable policies and procedures
UEENEEE101A Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace
UEENEEE124A Compile and produce an energy sector detailed report
UEENEEG102A Solve problems in low voltage a.c. circuits
UEENEEG108A Trouble-shoot and repair faults in low voltage electrical apparatus and circuits
UEENEEI105A Solve problems in temperature measurement components and systems
UEENEEE105A Fix and secure electrotechnology equipment
UEENEEG033A Solve problems in single and three phase low voltage electrical apparatus and circuits
UEENEEG105A Verify compliance and functionality of low voltage general electrical installations
UEENEEI102A Solve problems in pressure measurement components and systems
UEENEEI152A Develop, enter and verify programs in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems
UEENEEE102A Fabricate, assemble and dismantle utilities industry components
UEENEEE137A Document and apply measures to control OHS risks associated with electrotechnology work
UEENEEG103A Install low voltage wiring and accessories
UEENEEG109A Develop and connect electrical control circuits
UEENEEI150A Develop, enter and verify discrete control programs for programmable controllers
UEENEEE038B Participate in development and follow a personal competency development plan
UEENEEE117A Implement and monitor energy sector OHS policies and procedures
UEENEEG101A Solve problems in electromagnetic devices and related circuits
UEENEEG107A Select wiring systems and cables for low voltage general electrical installations
UEENEEI104A Solve problems in flow measurement components and systems
UEENEEE104A Solve problems in d.c. circuits
UEENEEG006A Solve problems in single and three phase low voltage machines
UEENEEG104A Install appliances, switchgear and associated accessories for low voltage electrical installations
UEENEEI101A Use instrumentation drawings, specification, standards and equipment manuals
UEENEEI151A Develop, enter and verify word and analogue control programs for programmable logic controllers

The above list includes units being offered at this campus and that are required to complete this qualification. Other colleges may offer different elective options. For some courses the electives will not be listed however they will be discussed during your first class. Please see www.tafensw.edu.au for the full list of elective units available within this course.

Smart and Skilled Student Fees

The cost of this course will vary based on your eligibility for a Smart and Skilled Student Fee. Eligibility criteria can be found on the Smart and Skilled website or you can call us on 131 870 for further information and advice.

First qualification$4,260
Second qualification$4,960
Non-government subsidised fee$15,920

Apprenticeships: To be eligible for the Smart and Skilled Apprentice fee you must be a registered Apprentice.

Trainees: From 2016 if you are starting a traineeship that is on the NSW Skills List, your Smart and Skilled fee for the whole qualification will not be more than $1,000.

A one off materials charge of $50.00 is required for this qualification. Learners may be required to pay a fee to re-sit assessments if they fail a competency.

For full details on TAFE NSW fees and money matters please visit our Paying for Your Course page.

Start Date: 23 Jul 2018

Part Time Evening: 16 hours per week x 18 Weeks

Monday and Tuesday from 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm for 4 hours per day (subject to change).

To register in this course, please use the Register option.

This is an advanced level course Smart and Skilled course that requires a current Australian Electricians License for admission.

A Unique Student Identifier is required prior to enrolment. To apply for your USI please visit www.usi.gov.au. If you cannot remember your USI or if you have forgotten you have one, please visit the USI Website for assistance in retrieving your USI. Please advise TAFE NSW your USI number at the time of enrolment.

For further assistance, contact the WSI Service Centre on 131 870 to enrol.

18MTD-226 S:23/7/2018 E:7/12/2018

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