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Environment & the Land

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Statement of Attainment in Agricultural Chemical Skill Set

National Course Code: AHCSS00027

TAFE NSW Course Number: AHCSS00027-V01

These units provide credit towards the following Certificates:
AHC20116 Cert II in Agriculture; AHC20316 Cert II in Production Horticulture; AHC20416 Cert II in Horticulture; AHC20516 Cert II in Arboriculture; AHC20616 Cert II in Parks and Gardens; AHC20716 Cert II in Production Nursery; AHC20916 Cert II in Sports Turf Management; AHC21016 Cert II in Conservation and Land Management; AHC21116 Cert II in Irrigation; AHC21216 Cert II in Rural Operations; AHC21616 Cert II in Landscaping; AHC30116 Cert III in Agriculture; AHC30216 Cert III in Agriculture (Dairy Production); AHC30316 Cert III in Horse Breeding; AHC30416 Cert III in Pork Production; AHC30516 Cert III in Poultry Production; AHC30616 Cert III in Production Horticulture; AHC30716 Cert III in Horticulture; AHC30816 Cert III in Arboriculture; AHC30916 Cert III in Landscape Construction; AHC31016 Cert III in Parks and Gardens; AHC31116 Cert III in Production Nursery; AHC31216 Cert III in Retail Nursery; AHC31316 Cert III Turf Management; AHC31416 Cert III in Conservation and Land Management; AHC31516 Cert III in Indigenous Land Management; AHC31616 Cert III in Lands, Parks and Wildlife; AHC31716 Cert III in Natural Area Restoration; AHC31816 Cert III in Vertebrate Pest Management; AHC31916 Cert III in Weed Management; AHC32016 Cert III in Beekeeping; AHC32216 Cert III in Commercial Composting; AHC32316 Cert in Conservation Earthworks; AHC32416 Cert III in Irrigation; AHC32616 Cert III in Rural Machinery Operations; AHC32716 Cert III in Rural Merchandising; AHC32816 Cert III in Rural Operations; AHC40116 Cert IV in Agriculture; AHC40316 Cert IV in Production Horticulture; AHC40416 Cert IV in Horticulture; AHC40516 Cert IV in Parks and Gardens; AHC40616 Cert IV in Production Nursery; AHC40716 Cert IV in Retail Nursery; AHC40816 Cert IV in Sports Turf Management; AHC40916 Cert IV in Conservation and Land Management; AHC41016 Cert IV in Agribusiness; AHC41116 Cert IV in Irrigation

Individuals responsible for applying agricultural chemicals.

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Environment & the Land

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