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Active and Healthy Travel

Try walking, cycling or getting public transport as a preference to car use - for at least part of the way.

You will benefit by feeling healthier, happier and save money.

Additional benefits of 'active transport' include slowing down climate change, cleaner air and less congestion to name a few.

For better health - you'll love the feeling after...

  • Walking part, or all the way
  • Cycling part, or all the way - park your bike in the lockers at the train station
  • You may find that you don't need to do any other exercise after daily walking or riding

For the environment

  • Try carpooling and sharing. Reduce congestion, do some networking while you are at it. See the websites Western Sydney Carpool or Jayride, or download carpooling and sharing apps on your mobile phone.
  • Take the train or the bus. It is often faster. The OPAL Card has eliminated the need for waiting for tickets.

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