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IWD 2017: Championing women's education

Registered Midwife Caroline Felgate

After 35 years outside of the education system, mother of six, Caroline Felgate, has achieved her life-long dream of becoming a midwife. Her inspiring story is a great example of TAFE NSW supporting women’s education this International Women’s Day.

“Midwifery had always been a passion of mine, since working as a childbirth educator in the 1980’s. On turning 50 I knew in my heart that I had to try to fulfil my dream of becoming a Midwife, to be able to work with kindness and compassion alongside women through their most life changing experience,” said Caroline.

“Once my decision was made I knew my first step was to speak to a careers advisor at my local TAFE to find the best pathway. The careers advisor explained that completing the Tertiary Preparation Course would offer me the best chance of being accepted into university to study midwifery.

“It had been 35 years since I had been at school and I lacked confidence in my ability to study and learn. My year at TAFE was wonderful; I learnt a lot about myself and my abilities through my teachers’ belief in me. I worked very hard and was rewarded with good grades that meant I met the ATAR for my degree.

Caroline achieved an outstanding Tertiary Entrance Score of 294/300; the second highest score in the State. Three years later, Caroline graduated from the University of Technology in Sydney with a Bachelor of Midwifery.

“I could never have survived university level study, let alone thrived, without the preparation and confidence TAFE gave me. My age seemed irrelevant and I was never made to feel old or silly for wanting to go to University ‘at my age’.”

“It’s a dream come true to now be a Registered Midwife with a wonderful and rewarding career ahead of me. I feel truly privileged to be part of the amazing team at Nepean Hospital. I love going to work every single day to support and empower women on their own, very individual journey into motherhood.”

“I will never stop learning, TAFE have given me a thirst for learning and exploring new directions. If I could inspire just one other woman to go for her dream and make a positive move towards a better tomorrow that would be icing on the cake!”

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