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Stimulate your mind and your career

Whether it be a flat white, macchiato, espresso or cappuccino, a shot of coffee is a very popular wake-me-up in the business sector.

The caffeine in coffee subdues the brain’s calming neurotransmitter and increases dopamine and adrenaline levels to make our brains feel more active and alert.

An active and alert brain is considered to be of importance for performance within the workplace – helping you to make clear decisions and to focus for more accurate and efficient work.

Keeping your brain active and stimulated has been shown to be of vital importance to the long term health of your brain and besides the buzz you may get from your favourite brew, one of the best ways to stimulate your brain is to engage in learning activities.

Opportunities for learning can occur in many settings and a wealth of training is now available which can fit into your lifestyle. As well as stimulating your brain, a quick, well targeted training course can also do wonders to your career.

TAFE WSI offer a number of short courses specifically designed to give you relevant and practical skills which will stimulate your brain and your career.

For example, we run a short course about using Facebook for your business. Participants find that this stimulating three hour workshop provides relevant knowledge for implementing a social media strategy, and taking advantage of the free social media networks out there. There are many other such courses which can provide quick skills to boost your business and keep you up to date and stimulated by current business trends.

Another business trend which can provide a career boost and save your business money is in the field of information technology sustainability.

Although IT within a business will only be responsible for around 2 percent of the organisation’s energy use, IT staff can be great enablers in terms of reducing the organisation’s overall energy costs, for example by implementing video conferencing.

Implementing sustainable practices is great for the reputation of a business. It is therefore in the interests of businesses to have its staff trained in sustainability principles, and courses such as these are also a great boost for the careers of individuals, giving them a specialist niche.

WSI’s short courses, known as WSI Plus, can also be adapted to fit the needs of businesses, and a number of courses are available to meet regulatory compliances.

While many people choose to do a WSI Plus course to quickly gain that professional specialist niche or to fulfil a requirement within their business, many other participants choose their course to get a taster for a different career direction or to turn their hobby into a vocation.

Karen Bacic turned her love for dogs – and her desire to fit her work around her family – into a vocation after completing a WSI Plus Dog Grooming course. Armed with a home business idea for an appointment-only dog grooming service in her area, Karen completed her course at Richmond College, and then opened up her business, K9’s On Kensington.
“The course I did was a fantastic way of building confidence and learning new skills. Being surrounded by like-minded people was wonderful, and the tips and tricks and advice were excellent. Putting those ideas into play when I left the course gave me a sense of great achievement.”

Just like Karen, who developed her personal interest into a satisfying vocation, there are also many others pursuing their hobbies. With the growing trend towards encore careers, that is, careers which commence in the second half of life with a greater emphasis upon meaning and social impact, short courses are proving themselves to have an important place in the realm of lifelong learning.

Your vocation can be such an integral part of your identity, but for many people who have worked in one career all their lives there are dreams of pursuing other interests. There are such a diverse range of things that people can learn, and WSI Plus courses are an ideal way for them to do it.

Learning is great for your brain health, so if you have always dreamed of snapping photos like a pro or creating bridal flowers, maintaining your own car, or gaining that niche in your vocation, WSI encourage you to take it further with a short course.

“And if you are still looking for a true caffeine hit, then there is always a barista short course so that you can make sure you get the most from your brew.”

To discuss how you can pursue your professional, business or personal interests with a WSI Plus course, call Jan on 9208 9261.

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